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Investor Relations

1949 - company was founded by the late David Hachmi
1978 - Phoenix shares issued to the public on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
2002 - Control acquired by Mayer Group
2004 - Operational merger: Israel Phoenix and Hadar
2006 - Acquisition of 40% of Excellence Nessuah – the leading investment house in Israel
2006 - Control acquired by Delek Group
Phoenix was founded by the late David Hachmi in 1949. He was the one who determined that the company's vision would be based on caring for personal welfare and securing one's future and the future of next generations. This vision was and remains one of the company's mainstays.
Since its establishment, Phoenix has consistently placed personal devoted attention to you – its customers – at the forefront of its corporate philosophy, along with caring for your present and future security, while providing to your needs in all aspects of life.
Phoenix is a Company of people working on behalf of people, a Company that believes in its customers, its agents and its employees and that will stand by them in difficult times.
Phoenix Holding Ltd. consists of two principal branches. The first branch is Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd.; While the second branch is Phoenix Investments and Finance Ltd. – holding joint control over Excellence Nessuah Investments House.
Phoenix Corporation enjoys considerable stability thanks to its diversified holding structure and the intelligent management of investments and capital.
As a leading company, Phoenix is engaged in activities for the public at large and for the community, by actively supporting and sponsoring various institutions and individuals in the areas of culture, education and health. Contributing to the community is a shining beacon at Phoenix and is one that the Company consistently implements and instills in its employees – both financially and by management serving as role models.
Sectors of operation:
Long-Term savings
Phoenix is a leader in providing optimal solutions in the long-term savings sector.
The sector focuses on products that integrate between life insurance, pension and provident funds – designed to accompany the customer throughout his life.
Health Line
Private medicine within reach! Coverage for medical treatment, surgery, transplants in Israel and worldwide, pharmaceuticals and more. Phoenix insurance products guarantee the best possible medical treatment that money can buy. Half a million households own Phoenix health insurance.
General Insurance
This sector includes all individual and commercial property insurance: Homeowners' insurance, compulsory and comprehensive automotive insurance, various liability insurance, marine insurance, engineering insurance and more.
Phoenix Investments and Finance
Phoenix Investments and Finance Ltd. is responsible for investing the members' funds and for the company's own investments an finances – primarily through its holdings (joint control) in Excellence Nessuah Investments House.
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