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Ethical Code

Fundamental values at the basis of the ethical code

* Honesty and integrity – both personal and professional

* Fairness and decency

* Transparency

* Accountability

* Human dignity

Ethical Code – Employees
* Phoenix is committed to human dignity and will provide its 
  employees with a work environment that allows for it.
* Phoenix employees will conduct themselves with personal
  integrity, managerial integrity, and for the benefit of the
* Phoenix employees will safeguard the company’s resources
  (both tangible and intangible), use them in a wise manner and for
  the purpose of their work, and refrain from handing over
  information that may undermine the company.
* Phoenix employees and managers will utilize the authority and
  resources given to them by the company in the framework of
  their job and for the purpose they were designated for, and will
  refrain from exploiting them or their position outside the scope of
  their job.
* Phoenix employees will refrain from accepting perks and gifts
  from suppliers, agents, clients, and other parties associated with
  the company that may affect, even if only for appearance’s sake,
  the relevant considerations of the person receiving the gift.
* An employee shall not place himself or herself in a situation of a
  conflict of interest.
Ethical Code – Clients
* Phoenix’s dealings with its clients will be characterized by
  business integrity and decency.
* Phoenix will provide professional and courteous service to its
  clients while addressing their needs and maintaining their
* Phoenix will work to protect its clients’ privacy and will refrain
  from unlawfully providing information pertaining to them.
* Phoenix will instruct its agents to work with clients in
  accordance with the company’s ethical code.
Ethical Code – Distribution Channels (Agents, Banks)
* Phoenix’s dealings with the distribution channels it works with
  will be characterized by business integrity and decency.
* Phoenix will grant the various distribution channels fair business
* Phoenix will provide professional and courteous service to the
  various distribution channels.
* Phoenix expects the distribution channels to operate in line with
  the law, in accordance with company policy, and based on the
  principles of the ethical code.
The Ethical Code – Suppliers and Service Providers to Company Clients
* Phoenix’s dealings with suppliers will be characterized by
  business integrity and decency.
* Business relationships with suppliers will be initiated on the
  basis of relevant, professional, and commercial considerations
  and without outside considerations.
* Phoenix expects the conduct of its suppliers to be characterized
   by business integrity.
* Phoenix suppliers are obligated to act in accordance with the
  company’s ethical code.
Ethical Code – The Community
* Phoenix views community involvement and contribution as a
   value of great significance, and will work to realize it while
   refraining from outside considerations and without bias.
* Phoenix encourages its employees and allows them to
  participate in community work.
* Phoenix employees serve as its ambassadors in every
  interaction with the community, and are therefore expected to
  conduct themselves in a proper and dignified manner.
Ethical Code – Competitors
* Phoenix will follow business decency rules in its conduct vis-à-
  vis its competitors.
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