The Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd Officers
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The Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd Officers

President & CEO ​​
​Eyal Lapidot
​Executive Vice President, Head of Customers' Division​Oren El-On
​Executive Vice President, Head of General   Insurance and Claims Group​Eyal Ben Simon
​Executive Vice President, Head of Long Term Savings and Life risks ​Ben Sheizaf
​Executive Vice President – Chief Investment ManagerRoy Yakir
​Executive Vice President, Head of Health Insurance​Dafna Shapira - Layla
​Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer​Shlomo Shamai
​Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer​Eli Schwartz
​Senior Vice President, Head of Human Resources​Erez Orly
​Senior Vice President, Deputy General  Counsel​Arie  Arieli
​Senior Vice President, Deputy of Head of Customers Division​Nis Agmon
​Senior Vice President, Chief Actuary, Life and Health​Roman Reidman
​Senior Vice President, Head of Pension Enterprises Branch​Amos Luzon
​Senior Vice President, Deputy Head of General Insurance​Shlomo Miller
​Senior Vice President, Head of Dan Branch​Baruch Minsky​​
​Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Compliance Officer ​Menachem Neeman
​Senior Vice President, Head of life insurance products​Rajwan Ghrayib
​Senior Vice president, Head of Sales Division, Customers Division​Shemi Shtubi
​Vice President, Head of Tichon Branch​Avi Shlomo
​Vice President, Head of  Acquisition and Logistics​Ishay Shmerling
​Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer​Eitan Waizman
​Vice President, Head of North Branch​Eyal Ohayon
​Vice President​Yerach Erlichman
​Vice President, Chief Underwriter and Product Development Manager in General Insurance​Yerucham Bar-Natan
​Vice President, Head of Corporate & Special Risks Department – General Insurance​Sharon Abada
​Vice President, Acquisition and Economics Manager – General Insurance and Claims Departments​Kobi Shukri
​Vice president, Head of Customers relationship center (Fnx4u)​Limor Goell
​Vice president, Head of planning and control department​Michal Nimni
​Vice President, Senior Actuary ​Michael Yarmish​
​Vice President, Head of Re-Insurance, Property & Casualty​Viki Orr
​Vice president, Chief Risk manager and Internal enforcement manager​Amit Netanel
​Vice president, Chief Actuary, Property & Casualty​Anat Cohen Toledano
​Senior Vice President, Head of General Insurance claims​Keren Granit
​Vice president, Chief of staff, Long Term Savings and Life risks​Sarah Binyamini
​Vice President, Chief of of Staff, Health​Haniela Vilner
​Vice President, Head of Jerusalem Branch​Zeev Neeman
​Vice President,  IT Infrastructure & Operations Manager​Yuval Benjamin
​Vice President, OCIO, QA & Procurement​Oshrat Balog
​Vice President, Enterprise Applications Group Manager​Dganit Pardo
​Vice President, Head of Insurance Applications Information Systems​Yossi Benderly
​Internal Auditor​Shmuel Rozenbloom​​

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